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Review and Reflect



An essential part of our presence in the Bonner Program, is looking at personal growth and development.  Looking at how much change has happened and how it has transformed you, is integral towards becoming a better person and Bonner Service Leader.

 How over the course of the year have you continued to grow and develop, personally and at your site?  What are your plans for the summer and for the seniors what are you planning on doing after graduation?  You can give anecdotes from your site, goals for the future, or anything else that you would like to share with the Bonner family.  

Have a great end of the year and do awesome on your finals!  

Observant “Ordinary Heroes”


 Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, from our Bonner meeting on March 26th exemplified how ordinary people are the true heroes.  They are the “foot soldiers” that are willing to advocate for themselves and others, which is difficult especially with societal pressures.  She ended the night by saying, “Remember, you are the future. Go out and change the world!”

What do you see as a major problem that faces the demographic that you currently serve and how do you see yourself changing that over your four years of service?  To the seniors that are graduating, how have you addressed the problems that the demographic you have served face and what advice do you give to underclassmen?

Love Letters


This blog prompt is different in comparison to the rest.  Everyday we see around us and in our relationships with others, especially fellow Bonners the importance of connections.  We see that humans need humans more than anything. It is plain and it is simple. And at the same time, it is everything.  With that in mind we are going to participate in “More Love Letters”.  We each are going to write a letter and it will eventually go to a stranger, you can include anything- a joke, a story, a quote, etc.  Use yourself to uplift this person, think of what you would need to hear on any given day, especially a difficult day.  I will then print all of the letters and send them to “More Love Letters” or put them in random places around campus and Albany.  At the end of your post you can tell me what you prefer.

So, write your love letter!


Personal Passions


Personal Passions

Everyone has a passion that motivates them in what they do, but great change comes when passion is shared with others. For example the Community Forum focused on youth and how to use them in order to change the world positively, working and sharing knowledge with the community. What is the your motivation and passion and how does that reflect in both your personal and Bonner life? In what ways do you share your passion?