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Attitude of Gratitude: Be Thankful


As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, we start to reflect on the people, experiences, situations, and things that we are most thankful for.

 After completing almost a full semester of service so far this year, take some time to think about the experiences that you are most thankful for.  This can also include some of the people that have made this all possible.

 Know that we, as your Bonner family, are very thankful for you! This program would not be what it is without the perseverance and dedication of each one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

B-Love always!

Community Mapping: Challenges & Assets

picture41Think about the community in which you serve. Think specifically about the population that you serve at your site. This community is filled with a set of challenges that you often encounter and have to address at your site. However, it is important to not only think about the challenges of the community but also the assets within it as well.
If you had to come up with one concrete asset or positive aspect of the population or community, what would it be? How does this asset help the community?

Attentiveness & Vulnerability


At our sites we often see the vulnerability of the people that we serve and we acknowledge that we also are vulnerable.  This vulnerability does not stop there, it comes into all relationships that occur- at our sites, in our academics, and with the people that we interact with in our personal lives.

What are the things that need attention at your site, in your academics, and in your personal life? How are you attentive to these needs?

Checking your Privilege


Many times during our Bonner experience we reflect on the ideas of both privilege and power.  We specifically reflected on this during our all Bonner Meeting when we had the amazing opportunity to meet and listen to Alicia Anabel Santos “Intersections of Privilege: The War on Women and Black Latinos” . There are many ways that privilege is manifested in our world.  Privilege does not only refer to things such as socioeconomic status and race, but also sex, gender, sexuality, occupation, level of education, beliefs, religion, etc.  Think about this question in terms of Alicia Anabel Santos speech. Think about privilege in terms of your service at your site.  In what ways have you seen your privilege manifested at your site?  How did this sense of privilege and power make both, you and others feel?  Describe that instance.