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Nourishing Relationships


Throughout this semester, we have blogged about ourselves on a personal level as well as at our site.  It is important to acknowledge the people that have helped and assisted us along the way.  Now is a good time to reaffirm these relationships and help to develop and cultivate even deeper ones.

Take this time to recognize a person within Bonner, whether a fellow student or administrator.  How have they influenced you within your personal life and Bonner life?  You can make this a thank you letter to one person or a reflection on several people, it is up to you!

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly on born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a world is born”- Anais Nin

Finding Flow

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If you’ve ever been afraid of looking inwards and writing things down, now is the time to let go of that fear. In the end, certain patterns may appear to help you figure out how to do more of what makes you feel happy.  Try and answer some the following questions/prompts to find out more about yourself and how that relates to your service experience.  Here are the prompts:

Why am I here?   Think about your current purpose in life, and how you got here – whether it’s a place or a situation. Like, what brought you to Siena, the Bonner program, etc?

List 15 things that make you happy.   This will be harder than it seems. The items may also change with the times. It can range from ice cream to the moon and stars, or even refer to your previous blog post.

What is the best thing that happened to me?   This not only brings back fond memories but also shows implicit gratitude. It also shows your scope – is it a specific event or an overall “I’m grateful to be alive!”

What are five things I like about me?   Yup, shower yourself with compliments. You are amazing and awesome, in your own way.

How are three ways others would describe me?   These adjectives could be good or bad. Perception vs. reality, the point is to be self-aware and therefore confident. You can either Facebook/text/G-chat your friends directly. The things they say may warm your heart.

Finish this sentence: My dream is …   Don’t be afraid to write it down, say it out loud, shout it from a rooftop! What would you do if no one else was reading, watching or listening? This could be open-ended, whether it is a dream from your childhood or one about your service experience, or even both!

Now what?   Tie it all together – reflect on which of your qualities would make this dream achievable and who in your circle could help your dream come true.

Self Love

As you cannot truly love others if you do not love yourself; you cannot truly be generous to others if you are not being generous towards yourself.  Especially with midterms quickly approaching and the hectic nature of academics during this time, it is important to recognize what makes us happy on an individual level.

What are things you do in order to maintain your peace and happiness?  Why are they important to you and how does this influence your service experience?  You can be creative post pictures or Youtube videos, if they help explain (please remember to keep it appropriate!).