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A Catalyst is something that brings about change. It is the start of something new. We’ve all experienced catalysts in our lives, either a person or event that changed us into the person you are today, and set us on our current path.

Who or what is your catalyst, a defining person or moment that has shaped you into who you are? Why is it so important to you? How do you plan on being a positive catalyst for others?

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable


Get comfortable with the uncomfortable is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot in our Bonner Family. While you may get tired of hearing it, it is an important saying because discomfort challenges us, and it is what challenges us that changes us. By getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, we are allowing ourselves access to more personal growth

How do you approach tasks that make you uncomfortable? Can you give an example of a time you overcame uncomfortability and succeeded/ grew from the experience? Are there any situations on your horizon that will make you uncomfortable, and how will you be approaching them?


2015-09-07-1441585415-8829291-girlrisingbannerOur most recent Bonner training was about Education, specifically the inequality that exists in education systems around the world.

Use this blog post to reflect on your education so far. Have you had any teachers who were truly inspiring? Have you ever had that one teacher who pushed you to succeed, like Dr. Colesante mentioned? If so, explain how that teacher helped you and how important that they were to your success? How would you say that your education ties into your privilege?