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One Chapter Closes Another One Begins

One Chapter Closes Another One Begins.png

This is the last blog for the 2015-2016 year, and it is the last blog I will ever create for our Bonner reflection as I am soon graduating.  For all of us, this is a time of a chapter closing, maybe you are done with your freshmen year or you are soon becoming a senior or like me, you are graduating.

I want this blog dedicated to what you need to say about your past year at Siena, your service, life etc. but also what does your next chapter look like? Do you have summer plans, traveling to a new location, beginning the fall semester with a new position at your site?

I  am proud of you all for having such an amazing year of service and the immense growth I have seen in each person.  B-Love Always. 



At this point in the semester, I think it is a good time to really consider “why?”  Take this time to really reflect on why you are in Bonner, part of ACE, and what brought you to this place.

Why did you join the program?  Why have you stayed in the program? Why do you do the service work you do? Just, why?

More Love Letters

More Love Letters.png

A couple years ago, this was a blog post that Bonners participated in and enjoyed.  This blog prompt is different in comparison to the rest.  Everyday we see around us and in our relationships with others, especially fellow Bonners the importance of connections.  We see that humans need humans more than anything. It is plain and it is simple. And at the same time, it is everything.  With that in mind we are going to participate in “More Love Letters,” and feel free to look at the website and movement because it really is amazing.  We each are going to write a letter and it will eventually go to a stranger, you can include anything- a joke, a story, a quote, etc.  Use yourself to uplift this person, think of what you would need to hear on any given day, especially a difficult day.  I will then print all of the letters and send them to “More Love Letters” or put them in random places around campus, our community partner sites and Albany.  At the end of your post you can tell me what you prefer or if you would like to help in this process of scattering letters.

So, write your love letter!