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Checking your Privilege


Many times during our Bonner experience we reflect on the ideas of both privilege and power.  We specifically reflected on this during our all Bonner Meeting when we had the amazing opportunity to meet and listen to Alicia Anabel Santos “Intersections of Privilege: The War on Women and Black Latinos” . There are many ways that privilege is manifested in our world.  Privilege does not only refer to things such as socioeconomic status and race, but also sex, gender, sexuality, occupation, level of education, beliefs, religion, etc.  Think about this question in terms of Alicia Anabel Santos speech. Think about privilege in terms of your service at your site.  In what ways have you seen your privilege manifested at your site?  How did this sense of privilege and power make both, you and others feel?  Describe that instance.  

Time of Transition


Happy 2nd week of classes! As you think about ACE Summer Gear Up and your first week of classes this year, you may think about this time of year in terms of a transition; a new transition into college, into your new site, or even into a new leadership role. Think about a time when you found yourself in a period of transition. Think about what this time felt like for you. Was it challenging in any way? Did it benefit in the end?

Please tell us about this “transition” period and what it looked like for you. What is one important lesson that you learned from your new beginning?

Happy Blogging!

Nourishing Relationships


Throughout this semester, we have blogged about ourselves on a personal level as well as at our site.  It is important to acknowledge the people that have helped and assisted us along the way.  Now is a good time to reaffirm these relationships and help to develop and cultivate even deeper ones.

Take this time to recognize a person within Bonner, whether a fellow student or administrator.  How have they influenced you within your personal life and Bonner life?  You can make this a thank you letter to one person or a reflection on several people, it is up to you!

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly on born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a world is born”- Anais Nin