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There is nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it. So, what do you want to do? Write about your dreams and aspirations. Think about the previous blog, do your passions align with your aspirations?

What are your career goals? What are your personal goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 50 years?



At the last all Bonner meeting, we talked about Building Your Brand. One big part of a personal brand is passion. We all have our passions, the things that we love, and drive us to do the things that we do. Is your passion one of the five issue areas (Housing, Hunger, Health, Justice, and Education), or is it something outside the realm of service?

Write about your passions, the things that lights your fire. What is the reason behind your passions? In what ways are you following your passions?



With every new school year comes new changes. The changes could be major, like living away from home for the first time, or minor, like living in a new building. The changes could also be personal. Think about how much you have changed in the past year, or if you are new to Siena, how much you have changed in the short time you have been here.

Write about how much you have changed in the last year, or since you first got to Siena. Were there any experiences that brought about these changes, or any people that helped you work through them? What were some of the ways that you saw yourself grow and change during Summer Gear Up? What is one important thing you have learned from these changes?

SSS Reflection – Storytelling

We are two weeks away from the end of the Summer Service Scholar program. At this point you have gotten to know the community you’re serving in, completed most or all of your projects, and hopefully learned about yourself. Take a picture of you at your site and post it here. Ask your supervisor or colleague to get a picture of you at your desk or in action, or take a second to snap a selfie.

Then provide some background about the photo. What does it say about your experience this summer? Why did you choose the picture? What does it tell othersΒ about the work you have been doing? Share your photos and stories here for others to see!